Thesis Examination

  • Internal

    Year Title PhD/MSc.
    2014 Normalization of Non-Standard Malay Words MSc. (Mixed-mode)
    2016 Aspect and Sentiment Pair Extraction for Product Reviews MSc. (Mixed-mode)
    2016 A Social – And Knowledge – Based Coalition Formation Using Modified Combinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization PhD
    2017 Text Segmentation and Recognition Technique for Image Spam Detection PhD
    2017 A Sequential Pattern Rule-Based Approach for Explicit and Implicit Aspect Extraction from Online Reviews PhD
    2017 Bootstrapping Malay Dialect Models on Text Analysis and Phonetic Analysis in Text-To-Speech System PhD
    2017 Prediction of student personality based on twitter using multi-layer perception MSc. (Mixed-mode)
  • External ( Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia )

    Year Title PhD/MSc.
    2017 Enhanced Feature for Short Document Classification MSc. (Mixed-mode)