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SLAM 2014, Penang, Malaysia

2nd Workshop on Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia (SLAM 2014)

11-12 September, 2014

Penang, Malaysia



Following the first successful edition of the Workshop on Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia (SLAM) in Marseille, France last year, we will be bringing the next edition of the workshop to Penang, Malaysia! SLAM workshop aims at bringing together researchers working in speech, language and audio processing to analyze, index and access multimedia data. Multimedia data are now available in very large amounts: Lectures, meetings, interviews, debates, conversational broadcast, podcasts, social videos on the Web, etc. Such data, along with the associated use scenarios, raise specific challenges: Robustness facing the high variability in quality; Efficiency to handle very large amount of data; Semantics shared across modalities; Potentially high error rates in transcription; etc. Worldwide, several national and international research projects are focusing on audio analysis of multimedia data. Similarly, various benchmark initiatives have been initiated such as TRECVID MED, MediaEval, or ETAPE and REPERE in France.

SLAM 2014 is organized in conjunction with Interspeech 2014 over one and a half days, starting Thursday 11 September 2014 and ending Friday 12 September 2014. Penang is conveniently connected by bus, train and flight to Singapore, where the Interspeech 2014 conference will take place. The format of the workshop will include an invited talk, oral presentations of scientific work and a poster session for project and benchmark presentations. SLAM 2014 Workshop is jointly organized by the ISCA SIG on Speech and Language in Multimedia and the IEEE SIG on Audio and Speech Processing in Multimedia. The proceeding will be published by ISCA and available online at ISCA OnlineArchive. Best papers selected will be able to extend their paper to be submitted to special issue in a dedicated journal that we will announce later.