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Ganapreeta Naidu R.

Culture-sensitive Emotion Modelling for Learners


Kugarubaan Sri Vetrivelaan

Personality Profiling for Job Placement

MSc. Mix Mode

Mohammad Nifhail Bin Zambri

Prediction of Interestingness in Digital Advertisement Images

MSc. Research





Badr Mohammaed Omar Lahasan (2017)

Elastic-bunch Graph Matching-based Models to Recognize Faces Exposed to Occlusion, Expression and Illumination

Bisan A. N. Alsalibi (2017)


Membrane-Inspired Bat Algorithm and Feature Fusion to Recognize Faces in the Wild



Michael Kong (2018)

Classification of Oscillatoriales Cyanobacteria Using Multimodal Features


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Zaaba Ahmad (2015)

Prediction Models of Extraversion and Neuroticism of Malaysian Facebook Users

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Najlaa Saddiq Mokhtar (2015)

A Computational Model for Detection Learning

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Amal Azazi Abdulaziz (2015)

Automatic Person-independent Detection of 3D Facial Expressions using Optimizition Algorithm Based on Conformal Mapping and Differential Evolution

MSc. Research

Ren Xiaowan (2014)

The Impact of Age in Social Media Selection and Emotional Sharing Among Chinese People in Mainland China

MSc. Informatics