Proudly Penangite(yes, that’s a real no-nonsense  word), I was raised in George Town, the capital of Penang island, a UNESCO World Heritage City.  Since 2007, I have been living in the heart of the city of Madrid with my family, pursuing a doctorate study. We came unequipped with a single word of Spanish…well, actually only “gracias” and “adios amigos” – both picked up from Speedy Gonzalez, the fastest mouse in Mexico :) Though I miss home, I love it here. As Cytowic says in his book The Man Who Tastes Shapes, Madrid gives me Synesthesia – a mixed-up sensation of hearing colours, feeling musics and tasting shapes (and seeing smells too) .

More soon…meanwhile you may be interested in these:

– Rosalind W. Picard and her tenure in Affective Computing(inspiring!)

– 10 ways to flunk your PhD ( I really like this article)

– Robosexual – the future of relationship?

– Do you sleep like a log? I don’t. I’d need more “spindles” to do that – find out more.

– Pyramid, by Charice Pempengco, a 16 year old Philipino – a Youtube phenomenon who has carved her path all the way to the top of the charts  – one of my favourite singers.

– An A. R Rahman’s fan. I believe that Oscar has been long delayed for him.  Some songs I really like, in these video clips:

Chandralekha – reminds me of my childhood. A song clip from the movie Thiruda Thiruda (Thief Thief), 1993.  I was 14 when the movie was released.

–  La Caution, French hip hop group remix song Pilotes Automatiques. A remix of A. R Rahman’s Tamil Ottagathai Kattiko (from the movie Gentleman)

– Siti Nurhaliza, the unchallenged Malaysian voice, a.k.a. ‘Voice of Asia’ and winner of hundreds of awards in Malaysia and internationally.