Looking for MSc./PhD candidate

Salam and hi all,
I am looking to have a MSc./PhD Students by research for a project under Affective Computing, and a collaborative project with a University in Spain. Specifically it is on analysing emotion of viewers while watching a video clip/TV ads. The study involves expression recognition from a multimodal perspective: multiple cues such as facial, speech, audiovisual features (music etc.). The selected student will be sent for a 5-6-month fully sponsored research stay starting Jan 2017 in Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain. However, for the Masters/PhD tenure, the student will not be sponsored, until a sponsorship is obtained (via MyBrain, grants etc.).
Candidate with the background of CS or EE is preferred.
Interested prospective candidates can check my website to get some ideas on the area of research, email me @ syaheerah AT usm DOT my.
Thank you