Industrial Training Experience

" During the six months period of my internship, I had learnt a lot about developing website, editing video and designing poster and banner. Developing a complete website is not an easy task, I can never be able to complete it without the supervision of Dr Syah. "
Azira Haslin
" Since I joined internship under Dr Syah, I've learnt how to create a system with complete functions. As a fresh graduate, I am not familiar to work with a big project but Dr Syaheerah taught me how to plan my work and with that plan I managed to finish the system. "
Mohamad Kamil
INTI Penang
" Good working environment and supportive staff. "
UITM Terengganu
" As an intern in USM Computer Science of six month duration, I very appreciate my supervisor Dr Syah always giving me a suggestion or idea, I gained a lot of experience about developing a website. "
Kelvin Cheah Veen Yee
INTI Penang
" Throughout my internship, I had learnt about how to develop a complete website and create content for the website. With the help and supervision of Dr Syah, I was able to develop a complete functional website during the Internship Training. "
Chan Kok Him
INTI Penang
" During my internship under Dr Syaheerah Lebai Lutfi, I've learnt about create a automated system with Google API. Developing a automated system is not an easy task, luckily me and my team are able to complete it with the supervision of Dr Syah. "
Teoh Min Chean
INTI Penang
" My internship had been taken place in computer science department under Dr Syah as my industrial supervisor, I have obtained valuable skills and knowledge throughout my internship in order to create an automated internship placement system with Google API. It is not easy for me to developing an automated system, but with my partner's Toh Min Chean and Mrs Syaheerah help to guide me toward the goal and requirements so that I am able to complete my tasks successfully. "
Teoh Min Chean
INTI Penang